Personalized BEST SISTER EVER Table top frame standee (8*11 inches)


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A personalized BEST SISTER EVER tabletop frame standee is a meaningful and special gift idea to honor the bond between siblings for rakshabandhan /bhai dooj or birthdays. This standee is designed as a tabletop frame that showcases personalized photos and captures the essence of BEST SISTER EVER. Here’s a description of the personalized tabletop frame standee:

Design: The tabletop frame standee is typically made of durable wooden material, offering stability and a stylish appearance. It is designed in a way that it can stand on its own, making it perfect for display on a desk, shelf, or any flat surface.

Size: The frame standee measures 8*11 inches providing a compact and eye-catching size that can easily fit in various spaces.

Personalization: The highlight of the tabletop frame standee is the personalized photos it carries. The photos can be customized making it unique and heartfelt with cherished photographs of the siblings together. This adds an extra layer of personalization and captures a memorable moment that signifies their bond.

Versatility: The tabletop frame standee can be used as a decorative piece not only during Rakshabandhan but also throughout the year. It serves as a constant reminder of the love, appreciation, and admiration for the brother, making it a cherished keepsake.

The  Personalized BEST SISTER EVER Table top frame standee for Rakshabandhan/Bhai Dooj is a wonderful gift choice that showcases your love and admiration for your brother. It adds a personal touch to the occasion, creating a lasting memento that celebrates the special bond between siblings.

The dispatch time of the product is 4-5 working days.

Send Us The Picture And Caption And We Will Print It On The Specific Product For You. Please Mail High-Quality Clear Photo For Better Printing at with the Order id in the subject line.

Note: Customized Items Cannot Be Cancelled Or Changed Once Your Order Is Placed, Items Can Be Returnable, Only If Products Found Any Manufacturing Defects.”

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Indian Aura Gifts Personalized BEST SISTER EVER Table top frame standee (8*11 inches) Personalized BEST SISTER EVER Table top frame standee (8*11 inches) ₹850.00